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Permite la comunicación de dispositivos de cobro como Coin Changers, Bill Acceptors, Bill recyclers y cashless devices a una computadora o sistema embebido mediante el puerto serial USB o RS232. Mediante una sencilla serie de comandos o Dll la cual permite una integración en cuestión de minutos a su aplicación.


La interfaz cuenta con 2 puertos MDB, esto quiere decir que puede manejar hasta dos monederos, dos billeteros, dos cashless en una misma tarjeta al mismo tiempo.


Protección contra corto circuito en tarjeta.


Funciones disponibles:


    • Iniciar dispositivos


    • Información del dispositivo como:
        • Numero de serie
        • Fabricante
        • Modelo
        • Escala de valor de moneda y billete
        • Errores
        • Tipos de monedas aceptadas y billetes
        • Numero de monedas en tubos


    • Pago monedas (versión inteligente)


    • Dispensar monedas


    • Pago billetes (solo en bill recyclers)


    • Aceptación de pago con sistemas de cobro sin efectivo


    • Habilitar y deshabitar dispositivo de cobro






MDB Interface that allows the communications throw RS232 and USB protocol


Is a Computer Peripheral for interfacing vending machine protocol used by various devices including: Dollar Bill Validators, Coin Acceptors


Compatible with any brand and manufacturer MDB compliant


MDB stands for “Multi-Drop Bus” and is a protocol developed by vending machine industry. The “Multi-drop Bus” (MDB) protocol is not compatible with the standard RS-232 PC protocol and therefore a hardware and software interface is necessary. The EasyMDB is a microprocessor controlled hardware interface with embedded firmware that converts the MDB protocol to an RS232 and USB protocol and also performs the necessary voltage conversion. The EasyMDB also relieves the Polling requirements thereby allowing the same PC to perform other tasks.

The EasyMDB is necessary to interface the industry standard MDB Vending machine protocol to a standard PC because:


    • The MDB uses 11 Bits and a nine (9) bit byte.


    • The polling requirements for the various MDB devices are excessive (20-200 ms).


    • A non-dedicated PC can not meet the polling requirements.


    • The EasyMDB takes care of the polling requirements and generates an interrupt on the serial port of the PC.


    • This methods allows the PC to perform normal operations and respond to interrupt driven comm events in the UART buffer.


    • All data from an MDB device is available to the PC.


    • Additionally, all commands can be sent to the MDB device from the PC


The EasyMDB interfaces MDB vending device coin changer, bill acceptors, bill recyclers and cashless devices (6-pin molex/5pin MTA) to the PC via the serial port (DB-9) and USB port.


Coin Acceptors/Dispensers and Foreign Currency:


Any MDB compliant device may be interfaced to a PC or embedded system like Raspberry PI.


USB and Visual Studio of EasyMDB full supported by a DLL, that allow a quick connection to MDB Devices




easymdb v4 kit




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Dimensions 15 x 12 x 4 cm

Kit 1 EasyMDB, Kit 2 EasyMDB, Tarjeta EasyMDB

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