Terms of use

It is the client’s responsibility to read all our terms and conditions, before making any purchase order with us. This benefits all parties, as the opportunity for confusion is considerably reduced and allows us to offer a better service to our customers. If you need to contact us by email we are at [email protected]

The value expressed in the prices of the online store in Mexican pesos and dollars.

Return policy:

For parts and kits

All parts that do not work or defective and purchased kits, can be returned to the full amount with credit in store until 30 days of making the purchase. Before returning the item, you must contact us to obtain an RMA number or the return will not be processed. Refunds will be issued within 3 business days of receipt of the defective items.

For vending machines

Due to the substantial cost of setting up and shipping / delivering vending machine equipment, these items can not be returned for credit. Your items may include a manufacturer’s warranty or a warranty offered by ThinkChip. We are happy to help you ensure that your equipment works after it is received.

For digital content

Refunds will not be issued for digital content, such as CDs and downloads. In case the item you receive is defective an exchange will be offered.

For returns please send to:

Calle 41 #308 Fracc Las Brisas CP97144
México, Yucatán, Mérida

Equipment repairs

The component replacement parts charge is not refundable. Customers are responsible for determining if a repair of a module is the correct decision before agreements or exchanges are made. Once the replacement parts service is started, your account will be billed the retail cost of the component (what we call the main component charge), the replacement rate in advance and the shipping costs.

After receiving the component (which must be an identical model), the customer will receive total credit for the retail value of the main component. The component must be in repairable condition. We expect to receive the core component within 15 days of the initial order. When returning a basic component, be sure to include a copy of the invoice so that your account can be credited correctly. Central units that have been damaged by vandalism, salt water or abusive handling will not be accepted as a normal exchange. The customer is responsible for additional charges if parts of the returned main component have been removed. We ask that our customers not send the main components until the early replacement has been received and installed. This will allow customers to use the original as an example for possible dip switch configurations and verify that there are no hardware differences.


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